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Tip #3 Garden No-No’s

Are Recycled Tires Safe to Use as Planters?    As recyclers, we gardeners would love to turn those tires into potato towers, planting pots, and enclosures for our raised beds.  And why not use shredded tires as mulch? It’s so… (READ MORE)

A Deeper Cause of Colony Collapse

Honeybee populations are plummeting.  Are Varoa mites truly the problem?  Not with healthy bees.  Have we considered our deep-rooted attitudes? “We have become accustomed to focus on these attackers of the honeybee as the enemies that have to be conquered. … (READ MORE)

We Made National News!

A Local Food Frontier Makes Gains by MELINDA HEMMELGARN, M.S., R.D.   Ms. Hemmelgarn has been reporting about food, soil, health, and the connection to sustainable agriculture issues for years.  Her weekly radio program is broadcast on Radio Free Palmer…. (READ MORE)

Bees & Their Secret Codes

Those Bees!   They’re Passing on Secret Codes in our Gardens           Or should I say, bees & ants secrete codes to enrich our gardens? Formic Acid—-Nature’s Wonder     Bees  secrete formic acid when they land on flower and collect… (READ MORE)