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Got Left-Over Fertilizer?

Garden Tip: Storing Organic Fertilizer  Be sure to transfer your left-over organic fertilizers into metal garbage cans with lids, or something equally secure from voles, mice, dogs, cats, shrews. They love your garden amendments that smell so delicious and nutritious!

You Know You Are Gardening When…

…you have mastered the art of killing weeds and bugs to grow flowers and crops for animals and birds to eat. Thanks to A Dictionary for Weedpullers, Slugcrushers, and Backyard Botanists by Henry Beard and Roy McKie

Tip #2: Garden No-No’s

Don’t use dolomite lime or hydrated lime. Instead ask for and apply “High-Cal” lime for lawns, fields, & gardens. For vegetables, aim for a soil pH of 6.4 to 6.8

Tip #1: Garden No-No’s

Don’t throw out food waste. Toss your egg shells, vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds, and spoiled left-overs in a worm bin.  I’ll be glad to supply your starter colony of Red Wigglers ($15)