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Tip #2: Garden No-No’s

Don’t use dolomite lime or hydrated lime. Instead ask for and apply “High-Cal” lime for lawns, fields, & gardens. For vegetables, aim for a soil pH of 6.4 to 6.8 Don’t over-do your application.  It’s best to add a little… (READ MORE)

Tip #1: Garden No-No’s

Don’t throw out food waste. Toss your egg shells, vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds, and spoiled left-overs in a worm bin.  I’ll be glad to supply your starter colony of Red Wigglers ($15)

Ask Mother Nature

Want to know more about Ellen’s book? Here’s a video you’ll enjoy!

Book Reviews

Reviews of Ellen’s new book Ask Mother Nature, a Conscious Gardener’s Guide : “A revolutionary approach to gardening, easily do-able by anyone. Learn how to get practical advice directly from the nature kingdom itself.” – Janice Schofield, author of Discovering… (READ MORE)