Class Registration

You can register for any Good Earth Garden School class in several ways. You can use the registration form lower on this page, you can email Ellen or call her at 745-0758.  Note:  you do NOT need a PayPay account to register online.

Class locations are noted in the event details.

Organic Gardening --The Comprehensive Course


 Organic Gardening--

The Comprehensive Course


                        a UAA course at Mat-Su College (Agri 138)

                                                 Either   6 Friday Afternoons,  1:30pm-4:00pm

                                                Or repeated

                                                             6 Friday Evenings,  6pm-8:30pm

Dates:  Feb 9, 16, 23, March 2, 9, 23


optional field trip on April 7

from 3pm-6pm
around $202 tuition for one credit, or Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver
To Register at Mat-Su College
Unless you are a full time student, it is easiest to register by stopping by or calling
     Ready to produce more bonanza of organically delicious, high-nutrition food? 

              Come join the fun, as we learn how to:

  •    fertilize organically--what to apply -and- how much

  •     compost successfully by actually building a compost pile, and how to trouble-shoot

  •     ward off pests, disease, and weeds without poisons,

  •     energize your soil with cover crops/green manures & microbes

  •     navigate through seed catalogs for best varietiesseedling

Instructor:  Ellen Vande Visse

This from a former student:   I phoned the office of Johnny’s Selected Seeds because my tomato variety from this company did not fruit.  An expert talked with me at length, and asked about my soil, organic matter, soil amendments, growing conditions, dates, spacing, etc.  He was very impressed when I pulled out my garden plan and recited all the specific information.  He said, “Wow, you know a lot.  Where did you learn all that?”

“Oh, from Ellen’s class at Mat-Su College!”  I proudly told him.   --Jan Bass, Spring 2007

Start Date: 02/09/2018
End Date: 03/23/2018