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You can register for any Good Earth Garden School class in several ways. You can use the registration form lower on this page, you can email Ellen or call her at 745-0758.  Note:  you do NOT need a PayPay account to register online.

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Backyard Composter- Certification Course in Willow


Backyard Composter- Certification Course

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Special Clinic in Willow:    Saturday, September 16,  2017

10am - Noon +


Sponsored by the Mat-Su Borough

and stay for the free afternoon class on Vermi Composting from 2pm to 4pm

 Free composter trainings are offered several times throughout the year at the MSB Central Landfill.  This one is a special one organized by Willow Methodist Church & Master Composter Ann Olinger.

Location:   Willow Methodist Church, Willow
located south of Willow at Mile 67.5 of the Parks Hwy.  Address is 29286 Parks Hwy

To register, Call  Ann  at  907 841 5419


  • Train & empower compost experts throughout the MSB to educate residents, businesses, schools, dog mushers, farms, stables, & organizations to compost organic wastes.
  • Provide expertise to entrepreneurs wanting to start innovative composting & organic waste reduction businesses.
  • Provide Certified Composters with a Compost Hotline.

You’ll learn how to:

--  Successfully compost manures, yard wastes, & food wastes
--  Remedy a pile that’s too hot, too slow, or too stinky
--  Produce a matured, high-quality, horticultural product

You’ll learn

Does a pile HAVE TO get hot?  How hot?

What’s a simple bin for city-dwellers?

Does composting kill weed seeds?

Are some manures NOT okay to compost?

How deep do I layer ingredients?

Are activators necessary?

Can you add too much compost to garden soil?

Do coffee grounds add too much acidity?

How do I avoid stench?

What about winter & composting?


  • 3-ring binder
  • work gloves
  • work boots or shoes
  • camera
  • water bottle
  • organic wastes to compost, such as grass clippings, barn manure, weeds, leaves, food scraps (remove food stickers please).

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.