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You can register for any Good Earth Garden School class in several ways. You can use the registration form lower on this page, you can email Ellen or call her at 745-0758.  Note:  you do NOT need a PayPal account to register online.

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Master Composter- Certification Course, Section D


Master Composter- Certification Course

a 2-Day In Depth Training

for community service


Course Section D, 2018

Saturday, May 5    10am -  4:15pm


Sunday May 12   11am - 4:15pm

Free for Mat Su Borough residents

 This training will be offered several times throughout the year

Location:   Central Landfill's Classroom

at the end of North 49th State St. off the Palmer-Wasilla Hwy between the Glenn Hwy and Trunk Rd.

This free 2-day training is sponsored by the Mat-Su Borough

You'll pledge service hours to train others &/or start neighborhood composting


  • Train & empower compost experts throughout the MSB to educate residents, businesses, schools, dog mushers, farms, stables, & organizations to compost organic wastes.
  • Provide expertise to entrepreneurs wanting to start innovative composting & organic waste reduction businesses.
  • Provide Certified Composters with a Compost Hotline.
    handful compost

You’ll learn all the Backyard Composter info, plus how to:

  •        Blend food wastes, manures, yard wastes for proper C:N ratios
  •        Trouble-shoot piles for moisture, temperature, aeration, flies, & odor
  •        Manage worm bins (vermi-composting)
  •        Manage medium & large-scale volumes of organic wastes as well as small volumes
  •       Train others and/or start your own business


          --3-ring binder- medium size

         --work gloves

        --work boots or shoes

         --warm clothes



         --water bottle

        --organic wastes to contribute to making our demo compost pile,  such as grass clippings, barn manure, weeds, leaves, food scraps (remove food stickers, please).

Let me know what you're bringing so I can plan...Thanks!


Price: $0.00

Start Date: 05/05/2018
End Date: 05/12/2018

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