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You can register for any Good Earth Garden School class in several ways. You can use the registration form lower on this page, you can email Ellen or call her at 745-0758.  Note:  you do NOT need a PayPal account to register online.

Class locations are noted in the event details.

Go Organic—Build Your Soil’s Microbe Bank (Part B)


 Go  Organic--Build your Soil's Microbe Bank 

Ellen’s presentation at

 Alaska Mill & Feed, Anchorage 

Sunday, April 22,  2018

11am -1pm

$5 -- Please call & sign up at 907-276-6016



Without essential microbes., your soil cannot do its job

                     Wait!  Go organic.

Discover how to crank up your garden into a productive powerhouse without harmful chemicals. 

Find out what you need to grow vigorous, nutrient-dense food.

You’ll be amazed at the improvement with proper soil biology working in your soil
You’ll love the way microorganisms do the work of nutrient delivery 
Come to both and learn how to put all parts of the program together in a regenerative, sustainable system.

Go Organic—Build Your Soil’s Mineral Bank (Part A)  Sunday, April 15 11am-1pm

Go Organic—Build Your Soil’s Microbe Bank (Part B) Sunday, April 22, 11am-1pm

Instructor:  Ellen VandeVisse, Good Earth Garden School

Date: 04/22/2018