Bees & Their Secret Codes

Those Bees!
They’re Passing on Secret Codes

in our Gardens

          Or should I say, bees & ants secrete codes to enrich our gardens?

Formic Acid—-Nature’s Wonder

    Bees  secrete formic acid when they land on flower and collect nectar & pollen.

This attracts more bees, and more pollination, and more formic acid deposits.

     Other stinging insects, as well as bees, have formic acid in their stingers.

     Nettles produce formic acid within the stinging hair of their stems and leaves (ouch!).
Add nettle-infused tea to your compost pile to aid the composting process.

     Ants distribute formic acid everywhere, stimulating healthy decomposition,

instead of breakdown of organic matter that rots, putrifies, or produces sterile dust.

Taking pollen; Leaving a beacon

                   Each of these life forms, with their formic acid, give a life-bearing quality to the Earth.


    –Source:  Meghan Durney in “The Animal & Human Partnership:  A Preparation for the Future”  in Stella Natura, 2014, on page for June.


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