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A Local Food Frontier Makes Gains



Ms. Hemmelgarn has been reporting about food, soil, health, and the connection to sustainable agriculture issues for years.  Her weekly radio program is broadcast on Radio Free Palmer.  She recently came up from Missouri, toured parts of Alaska, and published this article for my favorite national/international magazine,  ACRES USA.  She wrote:

“When I received an invitation from Eliza Eller to speak at the Kenai Local Food Connection’s Harvest Moon Local Food Festival, I recognized the perfect opportunity to investigate, experience and report on a strikingly unique food environment.”

Some highlights:  The Kenai Local Food Connection, Grow Palmer, wild herb gathering, Turkey Red Restaurant, and Big Cabbage Radio.  Ms. Hemmelgarn compared what she observed with the 2014 recommendations in “Building Food Security in Alaska” by Ken Meter and Megan Phillips Goldenberg.

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