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Need a Speaker? Want a Custom Course? It’s Easy!

This list gives you an idea of courses, workshops, and seminars that I offer.  We’ll tailor-make your choice for a 30 minute, 90 minute, or a more in-depth presentation.  Location? Wherever you invite me to come—around Alaska and beyond Alaska.  I partner with organizations, stores, cafés, as well as teach through universities. Want to host a class in your home?  I do that too. If you don’t see quite what you want, just ask.  I welcome the opportunity to create and work with you.  We can customize. Just email me and we’ll start exploring the what-when-where, and how short or long you want the class.

The Organic Gardening Method

This focus is on the basic foundation for abundance, including organic soil fertility, biology, & health; non-toxic management of weeds, pests, disease; compost/compost tea, and nutrient-dense growing systems.  Learn how to put all the parts of the program together.  Or request an advanced course if you already know the basics.

Soil: Build Powerhouse Fertility

Learn how to choose organic amendments, optimize soil biology, and build soil structure.  Learn what to apply and why to achieve nutrient-dense crops and livestock.  Apply the principles to home garden or production scale growing.  Connect the dots between soil nutrients and human health.  Or take the next step & find out “What’s in Your Food?” and how to navigate through GMO’s, additives, fats, and oils.

Pests:  Organic management strategies

Snap up the secrets to managing pests, weeds, and diseases non-toxically.  Safely stop damage by slugs, aphids, root maggots, powdery mildew, and more.  Yes, it can be done without chemical warfare!

Composting, Compost Tea, BioChar, Worm Composting

It’s all about the soil food web.  Learn how to produce, utilize & apply these amazing resources.  Pick your topic:  a composting clinic for large or small scale, actively aerated compost tea, worm bin management, the biochar revolution, and rehabilitating worn-out fields & pastures on a large scale with an exciting new organic product combination called ProVide + ReVive (see products).

Green Manures and Cover Crops

Learn successful strategies for garden, market garden, and farm scale.  You don’t actually have to cover crop for the whole season.  Get recommendations for what kinds of seed to build nitrogen, organic matter, and activate soil biology.  This is truly regeneration vs. a bit of compost and slowly losing soil.

Extending your Season

Delve into the latest effective strategies to beat the cold and lengthen your growing season. Utilize commercial or home-made high & low tunnels, row covers, crop varieties, and other inexpensive innovations.  Learn how to manage the pest, disease, weed, and soil nutrients necessary inside a high tunnel.  Get info on funding for high tunnels through NRCS.

Seed Starting & Micro-Greens Growing

Learn how to navigate through the choices for hybrid & open pollinated seed, lighting, potting media.   Stop growing “leggy” starts.  

Consider becoming a successful micro-greens grower at a “Make & Take” indoor greens garden–why wait for the outdoor garden? I’ll show you how.

Basic Container Growing

Yes You Can:  for easy yummy veggies with no space!

Specialized Growing Systems

Learn from the rich bodies of knowledge from Biodynamic, BioIntensive, Permaculture, Perelandra & Findhorn Gardens, Circle Gardening, etc. traditions.

Gardening for Market:

Learn how to set up a profitable operation for vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers.  Get the scoop on health dept. rules & regulations.  Target marketing venues & methods, and avoid costly production mistakes.

 Co-Creative Gardening/Farming

Establish a working partnership with the joyful Devas and Nature Spirits. Ask Mother Nature to help you. Combine the scientific & the spiritual technologies. Dig deeper by healing the Earth as an everyday practice with discover short & empowering actions that make a difference. Develop your skills to do energy cleansing and Earth healing practices. Enlist trees as Cosmic Towers.  Trees are asking that we work with their vast potentials.

Go deeper:  Explore the Healing Retreat possibility called Food, Gardening, Herbs, & Ceremony: Remembering Our Way.

drawing- sprouting seeds