Soil ProVide + Soil ReVive -Small

Soil ProVide + Soil ReVive -Small

Soil ProVide

Soil ProVide is a liquid jam-packed with micro-organisms that break down and release nutrients into the soil in forms that plants can use. Great results have been achieved when applied to soil, compost and as an additive in compost tea. Pair with the food source found in Soil ReVive.

Soil ReVive

Soil ReVive is a great food source for micro-organisms in soil, compost and compost tea. This very fine powder is made of organic matter, humic acid and enzymes which can help replenish soil health. Just add water; if biology is needed, mix with Soil ProVide and spray. It's that easy!

Combo Pack:

The perfect soil amendment match for your smaller square footage. Soil organisms in ProVide with the food source of ReVive.

Small Combo Pack: 16oz ProVide / 2oz ReVive $18.00

Large Combo Pack: 32oz ProVide / 4oz ReVive $25.00

Larger, more economical quantities are available.  Just ask.

Also, I can help you with simple sprayer recommendations, and how to set up a system on your pick up truck.

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