“Salatin Semester” Set Now Available

I have long admired farmer/rancher Joel Salatin at Polyface Farms for all his ecological and permaculture innovations.   Here is a tremendous opportunity to learn more.  This set is available from the Homer Library and MatSu College library—Ellen

The Salatin Semester

A Complete Home Study Course in Polyface-Style Diversified Farming with Joel Salatin

18 hours of video on 12 DVDs | 6 hours of audio Q&A | Digital slideshow farm tour | 256-page guidebook |

This multimedia production conveys the Salatin family’s methods of profitable diversified farming like no other. Joel Salatin presents his farming system in professionally edited, live-cut video, engaging audio, and in a detail-rich reference guide.

This package is a veritable fount of pertinent and crucial knowledge, a unique compilation of wisdom to help you save the planet and earn a living as a farmer. The live presentations are presented in DVD video; the audio interviews with Q&A are in digital audio; and the myriad questions and answers from the resulting discussion are transcribed and edited in a detailed reference guide. Also included is a digital slideshow tour of Polyface Farm.

Here Joel Salatin shares decades of hard-learned lessons and advice.    salatin       Learn about:

• Pastured broilers

• Pastured layers (feathernets & eggmobiles)

• Salad bar beef

• Pigaerator pork

• Irrigation & fencing

• On-farm processing

• Relationship marketing

• Multi-use infrastructure

• Ideal farm layout

• Leasing farms & adding subcontractors